Saturday, July 10, 2010

Help for Fathers

Although my children are now grown and for the most part out of the home, a friend recently handed me Don Whitney's little booklet entitled "Family Worship" (ISBN 0978523806). This afternoon I sat down to read it.

In this brief but convicting work Whitney makes the case from both Scripture and Church history for consistent, father-led, family worship as well as offering a simple yet practical plan of implementation consisting of Scripture reading, prayer, and song. In a chapter dealing with the common objections and obstacles that confront every father, Whitney addresses the universal problem of young children with short attention spans. His sage advice is to begin small and add on as you can - but by all means begin.

The book closes with a series of questions designed to provoke the reader to stop procrastinating, overcome any embarrassment that might be holding them back, and begin to implement, or reinvigorate this spiritually vital ministry to the next generation.

I was impressed with Whitney's treatment of a subject in which every man I have ever known has had his fair share of failures, and intend to provide a copy to each family when they come before our congregation to dedicate their children.

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